Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Somehow this blog has traffic. I have no idea why that is seeing as I haven't written anything in roughly a year on it. Maybe people just like rants of a confused and cynical man in his early twenties? Why am I even posting this? Who will read it? What's the point? Why didn't I eat breakfast this morning?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stupid drawings.

I realized the other day how much I like my hair. Because I'm artistic and weird, I decided to draw my hair, and the final product was a dumb looking simple cartoon. Long story short, people really like them, so I drew more. And then I realized three things...

1: Drawing other people is harder than you'd think.
It's interesting, because I have ALWAYS gotten requests from friends to draw their cartoon persona. Over the years, I have realized that, while I am good at doodling, drawing another person is no cup of tea. It's not that the drawings don't look good. It's because people, whenever they look at something that is meant to represent them, get extremely critical, whether they realize it or not.

2: The internet has destroyed original ideas.
Think about it for a minute. Any nincompoop who has access to a computer with an internet connection (me) can post any amount of information they want, and this can be seen by anyone else who has a computer and an internet connection. Just about anything you think of has probably been seen somewhere on the internet, whether it be exactly like your idea, or somewhat different. My drawings look similar to an internet meme known as "Poker Face." I have seen it, but honestly I didn't think about the meme once until I had finished my drawing. The whole point of Poker Face is to have a blank expression. I wanted a somewhat dumb, blank expression. I've known about doing simple dots for eyes and a simple line for a mouth for years now, even before the /b/tards made the Poker Face meme. How do you think they thought of it? In short, artists draw from things for inspiration. Plagiarism and inspiration are two separate things.

3: I like finding excuses to waste time and not do homework.
I'm doing it right now.

Off topic from the rest of this post, but if you haven't listened to Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" album, you should. I can say with confidence that just about everybody will find at least one song on it they like, if not the whole album. Musically, it's absolutely brilliant. Now, there are always going to be the narrow-minded douchebag types who won't like something for a plethora of stupid reasons, and I hope you aren't one of them.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Painting Red...

--------------------------^Click to Enlarge^---------------------------

So, I received my first Warhammer figure painting commission. It's nothing serious, and I'm not getting paid other than the kid giving me another model I requested in trade for my "uber owsum pante skillz." He wants the trim on the pauldrons (the massive shoulder guards on Space Marines) to be red. As in bright red. Now, I had forgotten how hard red is to paint, colorize with, or really do anything with, other than make things look 20x cooler and go faster.

For my personal models I apply a gold undercoat, as the red I'm using is roughly a 50/50 mixture of red and gold. For the red of the wax on purity seals, I use a maroon color as a base, then paint the normal crimsony red over it. It seems to cover just fine in only a few coats. I discovered, as the above comic states, that apparently on larger surfaces the red doesn't like to cover the dark red and stays slightly muddy dark red. So I had painted one side like this and said "Okay, this is messed up. Well I'll just put a thin coat of white over it."

...That didn't work either, because red is so fickle that unless your white is 100% white, it will still be a somewhat muddy red. So then I put a thin layer of orange over it. The red seemed to like this, and I will be keeping that in mind. Unless, of course, my suspicions are true and once I look at it again with fresh eyes it will be more of a red-orange.

Moral of the story: Don't paint things red, unless you're working up from either pure white, or another warm color like orange. And I'm still unsure as to why my hair turned magenta rather than red last time...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Facebook Friend Purge? Pshh...

Friend Purges. They are not an uncommon occurance. I see at least one post about 'em every month, and I wonder how many unsaid ones have gone underway, and how many I don't know about because I was one of those "unfortunate" souls who did not survive. Now, I have contemplated doing one of these for a while, but haven't actually done it. Now I think I may, but rather than just do it the boring way I figure I can (hopefully) get some kicks out of it.

I wonder, if I was to troll all of my 'friends' on Facebook, how many (of the current 236) would remove me. I mean, I only know maybe a hundred or so in real life, and out of those hundred I don't even talk to all of them.

I will embark upon this quest in a few days (maybe.) But first, since maybe five people and my dog will actually read this, I will post the link to this on Facebook. You know. For kicks. Then after the act has been committed, I will report the results (including any comments made.) I honestly don't quite know what will come from this, and honestly I don't really care.


-Note: by "trolling" I really just mean posting their name on their wall or something. I may make inappropriate comments about current profile pictures as well.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Warhammer Modelling

I am about to embark upon a quest that may define my whole life. Ok, not really. What I'm really about to do is attempt to do more Space Marine conversion work and sculpting than you can shake a stick at (although why anyone would shake a stick at this is beyond me.) I've only just begun the sculpting aspect of the hobby, but my first attempt, which was sculpting skulls onto the armor, was pretty good for a first time. I'm going to do a few practice tests first before I begin my final projects, but hopefully my art skillz will come through and these will be as awesome as I want them to be.

I'll post pics and such of my progress in later posts.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Annoying sales, invention ideas, and donations.

At the time of my writing this, it is currently almost 2 freakin am. I would like to go to sleep but my mind seems to not want to shut down, so now I'm stuck here, lying in bed awake. Also, I am attempting to write this using my iPod touch, the same iPod touch that I got for free with my MacBook a few years back. My mom recently got herself a MacBook, but hers came with a printer! Yeah I feel gypped.* I mean, all I really got was a portable device that can hold 8 gb of songs (which I am far over) and access the Internet if I find an unlocked wifi signal (or know the password.) By the way, typing on this thing is no walk in the park. Everytime i try to hit the o key I accidentally hit done and my keypad goes away. Also the little onscreen buttons are smaller than my thumbs leadin to awkward misspellings that sometimes the autocorrect is too dumb to actually correct. Instead it will give me some word that isn't even close to what I originally intended. Blahhhhhhhhhh.

Apple needs to come out with something that will help us troubled sleepers to sleep. I don't know what this device would be, but right now I wouldn't mind if it dispensed knock gas. They could call it the iPassthef$&kout. I would buy one. It'd probably be a better investment than releasing a new iPad every six or so months. Then again the consumer sheep will continue to buy each new gen, so they might as well continue doing what works. But seriously, someone needs to invent something to help (force) me to fall asleep.

One more thing: I have no money. You should be a good Samaritan and donate to my cause (unrelated to aforementioned idea) and give me money. If you do, I will be sure to write you a thank-you letter and mail it to you, along with a coconut or other fruit of your choice.

*yes, that is the proper spelling. If you want to know why then JFGI. If you don't know what JFGI means, use urbandictionary. I would link you but I'm not quite sure how to on this thing and I don't really care to try at the moment. Deal with it.